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Clean up / kliem barrani

In commenting on Talk:Edward Sapir I said, If we had a Cleanup process, I'd nominate this one. But also I thought, maybe we need a process for, Needs discussion of how to say this in Maltese! Then we could make field-studies a template, which would add that page to the category. Hmm. So example, you write on the page: {{en2mt|field-studies}} and it comes out as

[[Category talk:pages-that-need-english-to-maltese-word-fixing/field-studies|field-studies]]

and then:

  • clicking on the field-studies takes you to a discussion page about that particular word
  • the page is added to a category of pages that need this fixing
  • it fires off an email to kelmet .. (ċajt biss..)
  • we probably want a separate tag if we want a banner announcing what's happening to the page - otherwise ther'e'd be a banner for each word!
OK, if anyone thinks this is interesting let me know and i'll prototype it.. any suggestions for the tag and category names? Srl | lblb 16:09, 5 Novembru 2005 (UTC)
update OK, please visit this page: Talk:Edward_Sapir and try it out... Srl | lblb 20:53, 5 Novembru 2005 (UTC)
Hi Steve, the Idea is in principle really cool - but I doubt this is the right solution. Why use m:Sub pages? Is there some advantage I'm missing . The problem here is however that you cant get a list of all Paġni b' mistoqsija dwar Terminoloġija to keep track (..and serve an atom feed for the kelmet guys ;o ). The the wikilink takes you back to the article and not to the phrase in question - not really productive. I was thinking of something similar before: I want to find a way of doing 2 things: 1)Annotating phrases in articles which I either would like to revise. These would be automatically "transcluded" in the talk page of that article, where I then could add my comments and others their followup. 2)Annotate phrases or words where I have difficulty in terminology and crosslink to Paġni b' mistoqsija dwar Terminoloġija index. I'll have to try this out on my own MW installation first --joelemaltais 17:18, 6 Jannar 2006 (UTC)
Puuh it seems I'm shaving the yak! I tried out something combining the <div id="what_to_link_to">text</div> with Talk:{{PAGENAME}} via a template but no luck. I then thought of automatically generating a section on an index page via a template - problem is the sections are referenced via id's:

i.e. &section=1 which leads here: 2006&action=edit&section=1.

Even if I find a way of passing section i++ as a variable in the template - I just don't know how to write out the heading in that section. I'm taking a break.--joelemaltais User talk:Joelemaltais 18:20, 8 Jannar 2006 (UTC)

Followup - I'm thinking this over - Let's say I did find a way of hiding my annotations or markup in articles - I don't know how fair it would be to impose a productivity method I am cofortable with on others. If anybody is interested we could move the subject to his, her or my talk page.--joelemaltais User talk:Joelemaltais 17:06, 9 Jannar 2006 (UTC)

Redirects and disambiguation

Hi, I was wondering whether for Temi Zammit you put an automatic redirect from Themistocles Zammit and Sir Temi Zammit or wheather you use a template saying ukoll magħruf bħala XXX? Are there conventions/templates for alternative names on this wiki? Joelemaltais / talk 00:15, 31 Diċembru 2005 (UTC)

not yet.. feel free to propose them! 17:50, 6 Jannar 2006 (UTC)
I thought about this - I would put a redirect there - however I think I'll start some sort of Għajnuna:Konvenzjonijiet page first. I somehow prefer that or Gwida ta' {l'i}stil to Standard --joelemaltais User talk:Joelemaltais 21:02, 6 Jannar 2006 (UTC)
I just found out that some sort of Conventions pages had already been started Għajnuna:Konvenzjonijiet ta' nomenklatura and Wikipedija:Politika u linji gwida. The former is not categorized at all and the latter is categorized as Politika uffiċjali tal-Wikipedija. The Categorization hierarchy for help-related pages is either broken or not very intuitive. Before messing further I think Rod could tell us his plan for merging and grouping that Info. cheers. jlm (cf. also Wikipedija:Pjazza#Registered_namespace_for_G.C4.A7ajnuna )

Index of Pjazza Threads

Hi, personally I would consider it quite helpful to find a way of indexing all pjazza threads - maybe even other threads on talk pages of articles - and pipe the headings to an overview page somewhere. It would be even nicer to annotate or tag the threads: We have a bunch of issues on different topics spread all over the pjazza and talk pages of users and articles. I just vaguely remember that we had started talking about stuff and just cant find the threads any more - I think we all need some sort-by-tag template. It would make it much more easy & productive for me to catch up on topics of interest when coming back after long leave.

I'm not sure about the best way of modelling this. The problem with using the pjazez tematiċi is that you can't have overlapping subjects. An indexing solution would be a more powerful means of structuring - yet again here you can't categorize sections....x'tagħmel? any ideas out there? --joelemaltais [[User talk:Joelemaltais]] 20:56, 6 Jannar 2006 (UTC)

Registered namespace for Għajnuna

I just noticed, that the għajnuna is not a registered namespace, which is somewhat a nuisance because we can't perform a filtered search using Special:Prefixindex - apart from the fact that Għajnuna:' "articles" pollute the article count . Is there some reason why the help (namespace 12) wasn't localized? If there is, we could otherwise use custom namespaces:

$wgExtraNamespaces =
      array(100 => "Għajnuna", 
            101 => "Għajnuna_Talk");

probably the Għ will give us trouble ... I'm Java spoilt ;)) --joelemaltais User talk:Joelemaltais 22:34, 8 Jannar 2006 (UTC)

it looks good. I must try it on my other wiki.. 「ѕʀʟ·」 07:52, 7 Frar 2006 (UTC)

I'm not sure what consequences custom namspace has for wikipedia as a whole - optimal solution would be localizing 'Help'. Customizing the Quickbar/Navigation bar might suffice - but if you go for it the Custom Namspaces documentation is a bit cryptic but ... it's actually easy:

These are the changes to LocalSettings.php on one of my MW installations:

$wgNamespacesWithSubpages = array(
       NS_TALK           => true,
       NS_USER           => true,
       NS_USER_TALK      => true,
       NS_PROJECT_TALK   => true,
       NS_IMAGE_TALK     => true,
       NS_MEDIAWIKI_TALK => true,
       NS_TEMPLATE_TALK  => true,
       NS_HELP_TALK      => true,
       NS_CATEGORY_TALK  => true,
       100 => true,
       101 => true,
       102 => true,
       103 => true,
       104 => true,
       105 => true,
       106 => true,
       107 => true
$wgNamespacesToBeSearchedDefault = array(
       NS_MAIN           => true,
       100 => true,
       101 => true,
       102 => true,
       103 => true,
       104 => true,
       105 => true,
       106 => true,
       107 => true
$wgExtraNamespaces =
      array(100 => "Java",
            101 => "Java_Diskussion",
            102 => "HS",
            103 => "HS_Diskussion",
            104 => "Uebung",
            105 => "Uebung_Diskussion",
            106 => "CL",
            107 => "CL_Diskussion"
#$wgExtraNamespaces = NULL;

cheers and thanx jlm :))

Kif aħna ħbieb?

Kif aħna ħbieb wikipedjani? Nittama li tinsabu kollha tajbin. Skużawni jekk ili ma nidher imma kont wisq imħabbat bil-kors ta' l-Università. Xorta mhux ser inkun nista' nagħti wisq kontribuzzjonijiet imma nwiegħdkhom li mill-lum 'il quddiem ħa nibda nżur il-wiki 3 darbiet fil-ġimgħa (it-Tnejn, il-Ħamis u s-Sibt) u nerġa' nibda ngħinkhom fejn hemm bżonn minn lat ta' amministrazzjoni. Jiddispjaċini jekk ma kontx amministratur eżemplari f'dawn l-aħħar xhur - nitlobkhom taħfruli. Imma naħseb tafu daqsi kemm huwa faċli ssir dipendenti fuq il-wiki u bħalissa ma tantx nista' naħli ħin!

Insomma, jekk ikun hemm xi ħaġa urġenti nħeġġiġkhom tikkuntattjawni bil-posta elettronika fuq

Inselli għalikhom,

--Roderick Mallia 19:48, 14 Marzu 2006 (UTC)

PS. Joe, il-kummenti tiegħek rajthom - issa la jkolli ċans nibda naħdem fuqhom.

m'hemx għaġla sieheb. Kumbinazzjoni illum għadilihi min moħħi hux kollox sew .. u hekk kelliex nibgħatlejk kelmtejn. Iżd' hekk il-ħsieb, min tant bogħod, laqgħana... Hawhekk... u allura kollox sew ;-)). Joe.

Kumment f'artiklu dwar il-lingwa - Rikjesta

Hawn taħt qed nipproduċi kumment li nkiteb fl-artiklu rigward il-lingwa Maltija. Iddeċidejt li nċaqalu hawn għax ma kienx per se vandaliżmu, iżda suġġeriment minn xi ħadd li probabbli għadu ma jafx juża l-wiki sew.

waqt li kont qeghda nfittex dwar Francis Ebejer innutajt li m'hemmx imnizzel minn fejn hu. Wara li komplejt infittex sibt li trabba Ħad-Dingli. Inkun grata hafna jekk izziduha. Grazzi

L-artiklu konċernat ġie aġġornat --Roderick Mallia 11:05, 18 Marzu 2006 (UTC)

Letteratura Kontemporanja Maltija

Qed inniedi bosta artikli qosra dwar kittieba kontempoanji Maltin. Nittama li nkun nista' nżid xi iktar informazzjoni, ritratti, kif ukoll stampi tal-qxur tal-kotba ppubblikati. --Roderick Mallia 16:04, 23 Marzu 2006 (UTC)

Artiklu enċikoplediku rigward Enrico Mizzi - Noffri ruħi volontarju

Lil min hu konċernat,

Noffri ruħi biex nikteb artiklu rigward Enrico Mizzi għal Wikipedija bil-Malti. Nemmen li kapaċi noffri materjal estensiv rigward il-persunaġġ speċjalment peress li għandi kuntatt ma' ibnu u bi ħsiebni nikteb ktieb fuq l-istess persunaġġ kemm jista' ikun malajr.

Nistenna minn għandkom.

Ciao, Ederico.

Edric Micallef Figallo 17:25, 25 Marzu 2006 (UTC)

Tajjeb wisq Edric! F'idejk. U proset ta' l-inizzjattiva. --Roderick Mallia 18:04, 25 Marzu 2006 (UTC)

Grazzi Roderick, għadni rrid nidra sew kif nuża s-sistema tal-Wikipedija, però kif naħseb li taf int kapaċi nirranġa.

Edric Micallef Figallo 18:08, 25 Marzu 2006 (UTC)

Għadni kif impostajt l-ewwel steżura/abbozz ta' l-artiklu in kwistjoni. Kif forsi jaf Roderick naf bosta fatti rigward il-persunaġġ li ħafna ma jafux u li oħrajn jgħawwġu għall-benefiċċju tagħhom. Impostajt l-artiklu kif inhu, iżda żgur li kapaċi nagħmlu aħjar, speċjalment meta jkolli l-kotba f'idejja u materjal ieħor.


Ciao gente, se nipprepara biex noħroġ,
Edric Micallef Figallo 20:16, 25 Marzu 2006 (UTC)


L-aħħar kontribut tiegħi:

Edric Micallef Figallo 17:03, 26 Marzu 2006 (UTC)

Issa jkolli nħallikom għal żmien twil, però nirritorna żgur biex inkompli l-artiklu fuq Enrico Mizzi u aktar

Tort ta' l-eżamijiet dejjem resqin aktar viċin, se jkolli nillimita l-kontribut tiegħi f'dan il-proġett. Madanakollu se nkompli naħdem fuq l-artiklu rigward Enrico Mizzi f'kull mument disponibbli.


Edric Micallef Figallo 17:07, 26 Marzu 2006 (UTC)

Tibdil f'Monobook.css

Ma tantx naqbel mat-tibdil li sar f'monobook.css .. speċjalment it-tabs imdawwrin: Jekk l'utenti ma jkollhomx antialiasing attivat ma jarawx tidwira ratba iżda pixels imtarrġin. JLM.

Fhimtek. Iktar tard noqgħod nilgħab naqra mal-monobook. Filkas nerġa' nħallih kif kien qabel. Grazzi tal-kummenti Joe. --Roderick Mallia 11:55, 31 Marzu 2006 (UTC)

Hekk ahjar Joe? --Roderick Mallia 20:38, 31 Marzu 2006 (UTC)

Hawn Rod. Jien inħossni li hekk aħjar.. ;)) però ma nixtieqx nimponi ... jlm
M'hemmx imniex jlm. Jekk il-Wikipedjani jippreferuh hekk ukoll mhux problema. Fuq kollox, il-wiki hija enċiklopedija għan-nies u allura bi dritt li jiddeċiedu daqsxejn kif għandhom ikunu l-affarjiet. --Roderick Mallia 09:49, 8 April 2006 (UTC)


Ġie mniedi it-template ta' l-awdjo. Dan huwa utli ħafna biex ninkludi fajls ta' awdjo u ħsejjes oħra f'artikli meta nkunu rridu nispjegaw xi affarjiet bħal ngħidu aħna, il-pronunċja ta' xi kelma partikolari. Iktar informazzjoni tinsab hawn --Roderick Mallia 09:49, 8 April 2006 (UTC)

Link għall-Pjazza

Għeżież Wikipedjani, fil-menù ta' navigazzjoni li hemm fuq ix-xellug, żidt link dirett għall-Pjazza biex b'hekk tkun iktar faċli li tħallu messaġġ jekk tkunu tixtiequ tagħmlu dan.

Nilqa' iktar suġġerimenti u/jew kummenti dwar l-interfaċċa. Ftakru li din hija l-Wikipedija tagħna lkoll u għaldaqstant tajjeb li l-interfaċċa u l-istruttura ta' l-enċiklopedija jkunu għall-qalb kulħadd. Tislijiet --Roderick Mallia 19:57, 10 April 2006 (UTC)

Artikli ġodda li ma jitkomplux

Ghandnha madwar 40 Artiklu li inbdew minn user anonimu (ftit minnhom ma jagħmlux sens) kollha fuq prodotti Korejani. Il-User ma jirrspondix għall diskussjoni. Jien nikkunsidrhom bħala metodu għall promozzjoni ta' interessi personali u kummerċjali mhux ta' Informazzjoni lill komunità. Ċar li dan huwa suspett biss - midnaqshekk naħseb li hemm regoli ċari għall stubs li ma jitkomplux. X'nagħmlhu bihom? --joelemaltais User talk:Joelemaltais 15:56, 21 Mejju 2006 (UTC)

Wikimania 2007 Team Bulletin

Published by the Wikimania 2007 Taipei Team, Wikimania 2007 Team Bulletin provides the latest news of the Team's organizing work to everyone who is interested in Wikimania; it also gives the Team chances to announce calls for help/participation, so assistance in human and other resources can be sought in a wider range. Team Bulletin is published at the official website of Wikimania 2007 and released to the public domain. Issue 1 and Issue 2 has already published.-- 02:04, 29 Ottubru 2006 (UTC)