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Diskussjoni fuq it-traduzzjoni għall-Malti jew mill-Malti.

the gerund[immodifika s-sors]

  • Observing the grammar of various languages in detail, Sapir comes to the conclusion....

What would be the best way to translate the Gerund into Maltese? Somehow using 'waqt' and 'meta' seems strange..

Meta josserva ??
Waqt li josserva ??
I'm no expert in Maltese grammar (it's been a long time since my O-level), but I don't think that "meta" and "waqt" comvey the same meaning. They would come across as "When Sapir observes" or "While Sapir observes" which isn't the intended meaning of the original. It might be better to go for "Mill-osservazzjonijiet tiegħu tal-grammatika..." MaltaGirl 18:37, 27 Mej 2005 (UTC)
Seems that 'mill-osservazzjonijiet' has the sense of "from his observations.." - it doesn't convey the same sense. Would it be "filwaqt li josserva l-grammatika .. " to preserve the original sense? Srl | lblb 19:12, 27 Mej 2005 (UTC) ( I have the O level exam book, does that count? No? :)
"filwaqt li josserva l-grammatika .. " seem to imply a following counterargument.
"Mill-osservazzjonijiet tiegħu tal-grammatika..." seems to change the sense
How would this fit? "Mill-osservazzjonijiet li jiġbed (observations drawn on X) fuq-il grammatik/a/iċi?? ta' ?various?? lingwi"
believe it or not I too have an O-level in Maltese, way back in 1988 - however I've been away from Malta since 1993 and hardly ever speak Maltese. --Joelemaltais 19:50, 27 Mej 2005 (UTC)

kliem diffiċli[immodifika s-sors]

...għalija diffiċli :))

għandi problema biex insib traduzzjoni jew spelling (is there a better word for 'spelling'?) ta' dan il-kliem:

fromn article Indja spelling

  • seba' t'-elf .. is that ok?
  • Hinduism --> l-Induismu??
  • Hindustan --> l-Industan jew tħallih 'Hindustan' ?
  • subcontinent --> NO idea

from aticle Lingwa Awżiljari Internazzjonali spelling

  • 'Awżiljari' or 'Awziljari' ?


  • sound (in a linguistic context) 'leħen' or 'ħoss'?

contracted forms: dan il-kliem --> dal'-kliem ?? is there a rule?

Hello, just passing by as I'm extremely busy lately!!
(1) Do you mean seven thousand ? I think it should be sebat elef, without any diacritics (t marbuta as in erbat ijiem, żewġt itfal).
(2) According to Aquilina, Ħinduiżmu is the correct form, despite the usual rule according to which the vowels u and i may not be found together. I can't find anything for Hindustan, but for the sake of regularity, I would go for Ħindustan.
(3) What's wrong with subkontinent ?
(4) Awżilarji, because the -s- in the original Italian word is intervocalic (and the w acts as a semivowel).
(5) I can't be too sure on this one. I think ħoss would be better, becuase leħen is used more to mean 'voice'.
(6) The shortened form would be dal-kliem; again, no need for the apostrophe. Same goes for din il-ġimgħa --> dil-ġimgħa. --Antoine Cassar 23:33, 30 Mej 2005 (UTC)
wow... thanks..very much appreciated. I'll do the changes --Joelemaltais 04:46, 31 Mej 2005 (UTC)
I also looked up ħoss vs. leħen for the Mużika article, and it seemed that ħoss had much more of the sense of the actual acoustic sound. for what it's worth. Srl | lblb 15:00, 31 Mej 2005 (UTC)

English or Maltese?[immodifika s-sors]

Hi I'm just pondering if whether you should translate this phrase or leave it as is:

Sapir-Whorf hypothesis

if I do translate it, would it be

  • L'ipoteżi Sapir-Whorf

or rather

  • L'ipoteżi ta' Sapir u Whorf

?? cheers --Joelemaltais 21:09, 1 Ġun 2005 (UTC)