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July 8 statement

The good people protesting are not, for the most part, defending bad behavior. They are asking the WMF to consider how this action undermines our efforts to improve behavior. - Jimbo Wales [1]

WMF Board, WMF, and ArbCom have now all made statements. It appears that there is a significant possibility of an amicable resolution.

But it is a sad day for the English Wikipedia. This is a watershed moment and there simply is no way to roll the clock back to how things were before. While some editors have returned over the last week, others seem burned out and may never return, because they have seen the damage that the WMF is capable of doing to its own community.

As for me, over the last few days I have resumed some of my Wikimedia projects as there is still more work to be done to improve community governance (Wikimedia-wide) and road content (English Wikipedia). Since 2014, my activity has always been subject to sudden increases and decreases, and unforeseen extended absences, and this will continue. (I do know that I will be mostly offline during the month of August). For now, I intend to continue in all of my current roles, though this incident combined with the superprotect one is not very encouraging. --Rschen7754 02:06, 9 July 2019 (UTC)