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Is there any significance to the fact that Toni Sant resigned on the anniversary of Mozart's death, or is it just coincidence? "F'egħluq il-mitejn anniversarju mill-mewt ta' W.A. Mozart f'Diċembru tal-1991"? If it's just coincidence, then this is just flowery prose and I think it should be changed to the actual date. MaltaGirl 20:54, 24 Lulju 2005 (UTC)Wieġeb[wieġeb]

yah I was pondering on the significance myself .. we might just go ahead and change it there is no follow up by author. I was also pondering on the relevance. Is this bloke popular in Malta? --Joelemaltais 22:09, 25 Lulju 2005 (UTC)Wieġeb[wieġeb]
OK I've changed it. Mozart died on the 5th of December, but I decided that it sounded better to just leave it as "F'Diċembru tal-1991". Toni is a blogger, and I know him through that; I suspect that he wrote this article himself but I'm not sure. MaltaGirl 07:54, 26 Lulju 2005 (UTC)Wieġeb[wieġeb]

Divided the content into subheadings --wizgha 17:55, 27 Novembru 2005 (UTC)Wieġeb[wieġeb]

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Excuse me for writing in English. Please add File:Toni Sant voice mt.flac to this article; like on [[:en:Toni Sant]. See en:Wikipedia:Voice intro project for details. Pigsonthewing (d) 17:45, 26 Frar 2017 (UTC)Wieġeb[wieġeb]