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Hawn xi ħadd għandu ċans jittraduċi din?

--Roderick Mallia 07:07, 30 Ottubru 2005 (UTC)[wieġeb]

automatic[immodifika s-sors]

  • Hmm, it occurs to me that an automatic translation of such a page from english country names to Maltese should be very possible at least as a starting point.

Srl | lblb 15:28, 8 Novembru 2005 (UTC)[wieġeb]

  • I agree perfectly. I'll try and finish it off today since it seems to me that there aren't any volunteers. Sorry for the lack of contributions lately but I'm extremely busy at the moment. However, I'll try and find a couple of hours to dedicate to the wiki each week. --Roderick Mallia 09:23, 10 Novembru 2005 (UTC)[wieġeb]