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Links Interni jew aħjar artikli oħrajn ? Srl | lblb 16:45, 17 Novembru 2005 (UTC) also the first line of the Art table should be something like:

{| style="margin:2 auto; align=left" colspan="1" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="1" align=left style="margin-left:0" width="10%" class="toccolours itwiki_template_toc"

note doublequote placement. otherwise most of the line is ignored.. Srl | lblb 16:59, 24 Novembru 2005 (UTC)

Art: l-isem[immodifika s-sors]

Ili ħafna żmien nistaqsi dwar l-isem li d-dinja tagħna għanda! Ħafna kien jgħiduli il-pjaneta Dinja. Il-pjaneta Art tagħmel ħafna sens għax bl-inglis Earth u bit-taljan Terra hekk huma! Iżda l-editur/i ta' l-artiklu minn fejn għazlu dan l-isem... minn fuq l-istess intwizjoni minn lingwi oħra jew definizjoni li ilha teżisti iżda mhix popolari? Evan Camilleri (Holistic) 20:46, 11 Settembru 2006 (UTC)

Afelju[immodifika s-sors]

I am not happy about afelju. The origin seems to be Greek aphelion (ap- plus helion), Latinized as aphelium. That British speakers pronounce affelion is imho irrelevant. I would suggest that we keep aphelion (or apelju?). -- Sebastjan 28. Nov. 2005 13:40 (CET)

I thank whoever corrects my articles! But I just want t osay something! About the aphelion thing! No never I will leave the word spelled in that manner! I write my articles in Maltese and so I used as Maltese words as possible even when there seems not to be! We need to promote Maltese Langaufe and let it grow always more! So I will always used Maltese version of words, I will never borrow Forieghn words!

--Aldo 15:48, 30 Novembru 2005 (UTC)

Thanks for the above, Aldo. As for afelju, I can only give advice which you are free to reject. But I'm afraid that you partly misunderstand me. On the contrary, I am in favour of promoting Maltese language – knowing quite well that is is not always easy. As for your use of Milky Way, I find it hard to believe that there is no Maltese name. Especially in earlier times (before electricity) it must have been familiar to Maltese people – more so than the afelju. I wonder whether it is mentioned in the Old Testament. -- Sebastjan 01. Dic. 2005 09:55 (CET)
See also [1] Sebastjan 01. Dic. 2005 11:05 (CET)

Thanks[immodifika s-sors]

Sebastian! I am sorry for my misunderstanding! however I would like to thank you alot! Whenever you notice a misteke pls do contact me! I didn't find the Maltese name for Milky Way! Hope to find it in shortly!

--Aldo 14:38, 1 Diċembru 2005 (UTC)

It-Triq ta' Sant' Anna[immodifika s-sors]

The Maltese name for the Milky Way is: IT-TRIQ TA' SANT'ANNA, literally "St Anne's Street". It is an interesting name since St Anne does not seem to appear in any of the many figurative names given to the Milky Way in so many languages.

Manwel Mifsud 7:23, 2 Diċembru 2005

Grazzi Manwel. Tista' tikteb bil-malti hawn Srl | lblb 07:00, 2 Diċembru 2005 (UTC)

firma[immodifika s-sors]

i removed these:

Aldo Fenech
--Aldo 17:45, 30 Novembru 2005 (UTC)

also maybe someone could send a comment to the website above and add the maltese to the list? Srl | lblb 16:28, 2 Diċembru 2005 (UTC)

acknowledgement[immodifika s-sors]

Thanks for your correction about Milky way!!

Aldo Fenech